Happy 4th of July Pug Lovers

Hey puggers, how are you doing? Do you need some more pug fun? I know i do! Here are a couple of adorable pics for you to enjoy!

Oh and on a side note… I am going to visit me sister in Oregon for a while and I might not be on here for a couple of days. But I will try to post while I am away. It is so funny since I almost didn’t get to go. SO me so happy! Keep my puggies happy while I’m away!

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More Cuteness

Here are a couple of other pug videos that I just adore. And since I wanted to get off to a good start I thought that I would post them up!

Pug Mom – Takes her babies to the Beach

Buddy screaming my name (Not my name)

Screaming Pug

The cute screaming pug videos continue!

Pug runs fast after girl

Hope you enjoy them as much as me!

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Hello Pug Lovers

Hello pug lovers! Are you ready for one of the cutest videos you’ve ever seen? I bet you are! If you’ve ever wondered how fast a pug can run your about to find out. Enter the PUG rocket!

And in response to the pug rocket…

If you liked that keep an eye on my blog because you can never have too much pug!

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